Mystical Faery Folk

Look For The Signs

Joy Lynette Smith




Founding her work on nature and the powers represented by Faery Folk who operate in the Devic realm, Joy Smith welcomes everyone into an enchanted work that tells us all we need to know about the Mystical Faery Folk.  Insofar as it gives a brand new perspective and respect for a forgotten place and its citizens, it is an important book of poetry that takes ancient lore and translates it into its significant details for the modern world.  Above the cacophony of a world full of machines much to do with the running of fast-paced and unexamined lives, Smith gives her readers the bridge into a realm close to becoming extinct within their own hearts. This realm gives humanity its ability to transcend boundaries of the physical, to return from the spirit world with energies important in the building of the physical world, and more.  The poems are deep, enchanting, a mirror pool in which our reflections reveals the hidden faery world asleep within our souls. 


  Faery Bridge

Magically stretching across the stream
Silken waters all agleam
Sliding over green mossy rocks
Gleaming grasses and old fallen logs

For those who are blessed with 'Second Sight'
This tiny bridge makes the heart feel light
Flying all about with tinkling sound
Faery Folk are to be found

Birches glistening, leaves so bright
Tended with love as is their right
Water drops below this place
To Faery Kettle in all its grace

Faery Folk are in this stream
Helping keep these waters clean
Within the sounds – Shhh! Not a word!
Their tinkling laughter can be heard

Emerald moss aglow upon the rocks on each shore
Faery Folk tend to these and so much more
Every flower, leaf and stone
Not one is left to grow alone

Faery Bridge which spans the stream
Where everything that lives does gleam
A place to thank the Faery Folk
For everything is not as it seems




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