Joy Lynette Smith




Joy Lynette Smith hails from Western Australia and was born in Mount Pleasant, a
beautiful Perth suburb, near the river and surrounded by bush.  It was there she first
discovered the Devic Realms through fairies, trees and flowers.  She developed an intuitive sensitivity and clairvoyance from an early age.  During her childhood she spent many hours in the Australian bush, by rivers and the Indian Ocean and developed a deep love and awareness of nature and a growing sense of awareness of the energies inherent in the environment.  With her late husband Keith Harken and their four children she lived on the outskirts of the city in Kalamunda on a huge property, surrounded by massive trees, right on the edge of the escarpment and the bush.  Joy has broadened her parameters through experiencing the miraculous gift of being healed many years after her spine was fractured whilst going through a car windscreen. This has left her in awe of the amazing healing that is possible and given her renewed energy and direction.  Joy is an exceptional healer.  Since 2005 she has held fascinating retreats, especially in the English Lake District, where she has helped to introduce people to the Faery Folk and Devic Realms.  She now lives in London with her husband, Mervyn. She has visited many ancient and devic sites on our beautiful planet and shares some of her experiences in this book.