Mystical Faery Folk

Look For The Signs

Joy Lynette Smith






A bridge into a realm we have ignored in so many ways, in our hearts, the Faery realm awaits all who wish to remember again in Joy Lynette Smith’s brilliant return to the the Devic Realms in Mystical Faery Folk.  It is of childhood and beyond, to the morning of devic creation when spirit and matter were one… 


“This is no ordinary book, I invite you to take precious time and attune to the energy and light behind the words. Let it transport you to these beautiful places of enchantment and feel your own connection to the Devic Realms. Allow Joy’s considerable experience and wisdom to guide and inspire you to seek a closer relationship with Mother Earth.  So next time you venture into nature, tread gently, be respectful, be still, and be aware that you are never alone.

-Suzanne Sullivan, Lecturer & Psychotherapist

“Have you seen gnomes, fairies and other devic friends? If not, don’t worry…they all come to life in this miraculous book, which is a magical place in itself. And who knows, after enjoying this book, the next time you are in nature, you might just meet them.”

-    Ernst Liehr, Owner of Eden Retreats, Cumbria